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Are you ready to win?! Do you have a group or team that you would love to grace with one of my trainings? If your answer is "yes", please review some of the services I have to offer below and feel free to email and book with me on the next available calendar day.

Group training specialties include:

- Affirmations
- Care Givers
- Faith Wheels
- Internet Safety
- Life Purpose
- Prayer Boards
- Self Care
- And more...

My Services...

Allow me to teach you and others how to "Live by design" with the intentional services that I have ready to serve you.


Affirmations are a way of encouraging a specific way of thinking that is supportive of a person’s goals for their future, of what they want to be, do, have, or give. This training teaches individuals how to create Powerful Affirmations in all areas of their lives.

Care Givers

This training is designed to help people who are caring for others and feel like they have lost their identity in the process. This course teaches how to reclaim your time, your purpose, and your life by implementing small and incremental changes.

Faith Wheels

A lot of people know they want more out of life, they just are not quite sure what it is and how to get there. This interactive training walks participants through various activities to help answer the question of what it is they truly desire in this life.

Internet Safety

Online safety is more important than ever. How we keep our youth and ourselves safe requires us to think first before we share. This interactive training covers basic do’s and don’ts of online engagement along with Cyber bullying, Grooming, and more.

Life Purpose

Until one knows their truth, they cannot walk in that truth. This interactive workshop is designed to help individuals discover what they were designed to be, do, have, or give. This training equips participants to fulfill the vision that they were created for.

Prayer Boards

Prayer is a form of communication with God. When we take time to organize our prayer request, personalize them as affirmations, and confidently expect answers we can have a victorious prayer life. Bring your Bible, favorite scriptures, scissors, and glue in this creative workshop you will learn how to get the most out of your prayer lives.


People who are givers are so busy taking care of others they rarely have the time or energy to self-care. This interactive seminar is designed to help individuals re-focus, re-claim, and reward themselves in the same manner that they lavish upon others.

Understanding Grief

Have you recently lost a loved one and are struggling with the feelings you are having? You are not alone! This workshop is designed to help you understand that pain, begin to heal, and celebrate your loved one.

Vision Boards

Dare to dream again, you can be, do, have, and give more. Raise your expectations, and start living by design and not default. Life will give no more than you demand of it. This interactive workshop will allow you to bring out your inner child to create a visual image of your ideal future using pictures, quotes, and scriptures.


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