What You Water Will Grow: Praying Gods Words To Manifest Purposeful Living

Are you ready to start living on purpose, but you are not quite sure how to make that dream a reality? What You Water Will Grow, is an interactive self-help book that will walk you through how to identify what you were created for and how to start living that life. Your ideal life is waiting. Wake up, pay attention, and nourish your inner being. What you water will grow, be it a plant, an idea or a purpose. Don’t let dehydration defer your dreams!

Are you bored and unhappy with your life?

Do you feel lost and unsure of your purpose?

Do you want to be, do, have or give more?

You are not alone, many people are stuck going through the motions of "life" and they are not happy and desire much more, They are not walking in their truth, because they have not taken the time to identify what that truth is for them.

This book was written to bless you with quick and easy ways to discover the winner in you. The concepts are based on biblical truths using scripture, prayer and affirmations to uncover your purpose . Let me help you to prepare your mind to fulfill the vision that you were created for. 

Your ideal life is waiting. What are you water will grow, be it a plant, an idea or purpose. Don't let dehydration defer your dreams!


What the readers have said...


"What you water will grow is an amazing book that takes you on a journey of self discovery and healing. I laughed and I cried while reading this. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who feels like they’re at a crossroads in their lives and are unsure how to go about progressing from where they are."



"I would recommend this book because it answers the thoughts you already have but don't know how to organize it reminds you that for your success and true purpose in life you need to take the time that you may think you don't have but actually do to achieve what you are meant to do with your life."