Cyber bullying

This section of the training goes over how to stop cyber bullying. Blocking the offender, logging off the site they are on, and reporting the issue to an adult.

Safety Internet training

Online safety is more important than ever. How we keep our youth and ourselves safe requires us to think first before we share. This interactive training covers basic do’s and don'ts of online engagement along with Cyber bullying, Grooming, and more.

See Ms.Vonda in action with the example videos below!

Safety Light

This section of the training reviews how information shared on the internet is similar to a Safety Light:

Green light= Basic information

Yellow light = Why do they want to know, proceed with caution

Red light = The types of information that should never be shared online with strangers.

Stop & Think

This section of the training implores youth before releasing information online to stop and think if it is necessary and how it will be used.

Stranger Danger Online Chats