Early Life - Ms.Congeniality

Lavonda Fae O'Day, Ms. Congeniality, has always been known to light up a room upon entering. It was at the age of three that little Vonda was nominated in a contest as Ms. Congeniality, because of her vibrant and friendly personality that many found incredible, given how shy many were around her age at the time.

Ms.Vonda was born on August 9th, in Wichita Kansas, to incredible parents, William and Patricia O'Day. Her parents raised her to be courageous and generous with her inner light and to help those who were placed in her path. It was her father who played a variety of roles that had the greatest influence on her. He worked as a diesel mechanic, as well as the manager for Mrs. O'Day's counseling service, along with his side business as a photographer.

Together the family served the church in many ways and were all equally known to be exemplary conversationalists. Ms.Vonda's taking after her dad's personality of being no stickler, rather adopting his comical and jovial ways and applying that in her life coaching trainings and other aspects of her life. However, that's not all where this miracle baby found inspiration.

"My parents were a dynamic duo," Ms.Vonda described.

"My mom always said my father was the head and she was the neck and if the neck got stiff, the head didn't move so well- they were such characters. Smiling through tears".

Thus guiding and inspiring Ms.Vonda who has taken the baton passed down by her mother and taught in church as her first environment that allowed her to embrace her natural gift to "teach".

Ms.Vonda was not always aware of what path or direction was meant for her. During her early adolescence, her desire to become an actress or businesswoman attracted her attention because she participated in most junior high plays and had several entrepreneurs around her. Nevertheless, her high school offered courses (Accounting, Business 101, Customer Service, etc...) that supported her business persona. As the world opened up to her and opportunities for women of color grew, Ms.Vonda took her eclectic and vibrant mind to college and studied: Drama, Speech, Business, Sociology, and even Technology! Leaving the University of Phoenix, with a Master’s in Business and bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Wichita State.

However, Ms.Vonda too has faced some challenges along the way. Unfortunately, her older brothers, Danny O’Day, veteran, life was taken by another when she was in high school. This devastating murder crippled her emotional and mental state as she was burden with those thoughts during her first quarter of life. In honor of her brother, she was encouraged and reminded to stay motivated and on her toes thanks to her family and friends.

With 20+ years of servicing others, thanks to her "Can do" attitude from her parents, Ms. Vonda has explored several careers: Counselor – Substance abuse and anger management, Sales Representative, Customer service agent, and a impactful wellness trainer. Those all shaped and influenced our life coach to curate the life that she's always wanted. "To live by design" and honor her parents for helping to mold our upbeat and down to earth life coach as we know her today as, Lavonda Fae O'Day.